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  • Education for dropout children
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    Education is the torch of life. Without education, no nation can rise to the pick of success. keeping remains a large number of people uneducated no nation cannot expect to develop.Donate Now
  • food for hunger
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    There are millions of people goes to bed remain hungry in the world. They are Struggling and fighting with life but life depriving them. Millions of people are dying in hunger due to their physical disability, sickness or totally unable to do any types of job.Donate Now
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    Millions of People are passing days with a little piece of cloth. The cloth is one of the basic need for human being. During the winter the helpless people suffer extremely. People who are poor and has no social status level are the victimDonate Now
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    Rohingya in Bangladesh has become an acute problem. More than 5 Lakh Rohingya has taken shelter in Bangladesh in 2017 is touched by Myanmar Authority. They are leading a very miserable life and also experiencing a crisis of food and basic needs.Donate Now
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    We, the "Micro Dreams Association" takes a project to educate these huge number of illiterate people. This is why we have already started our Adult Education Project under the name of "Adhare Alo Boyosko Sikkha"Donate Now
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Micro Dreams Association formed to assist the helpless people, begging donation from door to door. The volunteers of Micro Dreams always active to help the hopeless and helpless people. We are just begging your kind attention for the people who are looking at your Marcy. They just want to live with your help and assistance.

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Medical Campaign

Corer of People all over the world are attacked with fatal diseases. Among them, majority percent of them dies before taking proper treatment. In the developing countries, a large number of people remain out of the government medical service.
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